Boat Building, repair, refit and conversion.

The boat building and repair industry has seen many changes and endured many challenges over the years. A.F. Theriault & Son has evolved right along with it. While we stress tradition and time-tested skills, we have not remained “stuck in the past”. We use modern techniques and materials to build the finest boats of their kind. We also take great pride in our boat repair, refit and conversion work, helping our clients get the very most from their existing boats.

In this new millennium, boats need to be state-of-the-art, regardless of their use, from pleasure yachts and catamaran workboats, to patrol boats and fishing trawlers.  We combine old techniques with the latest developments and technologies, building boats of steel, aluminum, fiberglass and composites.

Our commercial and recreational vessels with lengths up to 150 feet (45m) demonstrate, through their obvious handling performance and build-quality, a pride in workmanship and dedication to our craft. Our boatyard employs over 150 workers, who are well trained as professional boat builders. From our boat builders and tradespeople to engineers, researchers and administrators, we know that our people are the key to our success.

The construction quality, safety and stability of our vessels are a priority and we operate in strict accordance with rulings passed by TCMS, ABS, Lloyd's and Det Norske Veritas.

New Boats Proudly Built

Pleasure Boats

A.F. Theriault & Son boatyard builds the finest of pleasure yachts. These vessels include steel and aluminum ocean-cruising yachts, as well as high speed mono and multi hull designs. They are built with aluminum or advanced composites. Interior finish design and fabrication are completed in house to owner specifications or in conjunction with owner's designers.


Fire Boats

A.F. Theriault & Son Boatyard is a manufacturer of high-performance fireboats. They are designed and built to owner's specification and operational requirements. They can be configured for remote and manual operation of the firefighting systems. All vessels are built to Transport Canada Marine Safety, United States Coast Guard and to Class, if required.


Fishing Boats

Our boatyard builds a wide variety of fishing boats for both the Domestic and International fishing industry. The vessel fabrication includes composites, steel and aluminum construction to Transport Canada Marine Safety Small Fishing Regulations and Large Fishing Vessel Regulation. Our boats are built to Class as well if required.



We build passenger boats and ferries for a wide range of clients and uses. Construction of commercial passenger vessels includes auto/passenger ferries built to Transport Canada Marine Safety standards as well as to Class, if required. Boat construction includes steel, aluminum, composites or a combination of these.


Pilot Boats

A.F. Theriault & Son are builders of pilot boats of the most robust construction. Manufactured in aluminum, they are able to provide fast and efficient operation at speeds necessary for the transfer of pilots. They’re designed and built to be fully compliant with Lloyd’s Register and Transport Canada Marine Safety Regulations.



We build robust commercial barges fabricated in aluminum for a variety of purposes, such as, transporting building materials, aquaculture, pollution control, etc. All our barge boats are manufactured to the highest standard of quality in both workmanship and materials, and are fully compliant with Transport Canada Marine Safety Small Commercial Vessel Regulations.


Work Boats

A.F. Theriault & Son boatyard builds a wide variety of commercial workboats, including catamaran-style offshore workboats, oil pollution response vessels, high speed crew boats, tug and tow boats as well as scientific research vessels for commercial and government clients, both domestic and international. All vessels and are fully compliant with Transport Canada Marine Safety Small Commercial Vessel Regulations as well as to Class, if required.


Patrol Boats

We are builders of both commercial and government fast patrol boats, fabricated in steel and aluminum or a combination of these. Our boats, both monohull or catamaran, are built to various offshore and coastal, high-speed vessel standards as well as well as ice strengthening or ballistics ratings, if required. All vessels built to Transport Canada Marine Safety, United States Coast Guard and to Class, if required.


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